1 Year Yoga Anniversary!

On June 23rd we celebrated 1 year of yoga at my neighborhood community center. It was an especially heart warming celebration for me because I am the person who teaches/leads our yoga practice. Indeed, just days earlier I celebrated my 1 year anniversary of becoming certified as a yoga teacher.

To commemorate our yoga community, I suggested we have a breakfast celebration following our 8:00 to 9:00 morning practice. Here I am nibbling on a homemade cookie and standing next to our table of communal goodies. And below that you can see all the treats, many of which were homemade. I contributed apple cider and homemade vegan granola bars from the minimlaistbaker.com. I have been searching for such a bar for months, having followed at least three or four other recipes but never liking the texture of the finished bar. This one was perfect! (And I had the added delight of making them with my grandchildren!!)