2 Day Yoga Workshop

I have taken two days off from school to attend a Restorative Yoga Level 1 Teacher Training in Westport, CT at Kaia Yoga. This will be my third workshop with Jillian Pransky and I am eager and ready for this next level in my training and learning.

Stephanie of Sound Body Yoga is my friend and fellow yogi who encouraged me to pursue my 200-hour teacher certification. Among other modalities, she is trained in restorative yoga, having taken her training with Jillian Pranksy. I am an admirer of Stephanie's approach to teaching and how she leads her classes, so it made perfect sense to pursue my training in restorative with Jillian.

This is what I looked like yesterday morning before leaving for the first day of the workshop. This isn't posted for a fashion statement; just as visual reminder for me in years to come when I glance thru my blog posts. :-) The only fashion note is the skirt, purchased from Athleta online last year as a birthday gift so as to have a cover when needing to wear my yoga clothing out in public beyond just a quick entry or exit from a place of practice. Turns out I did not need to wear the skirt, but given that my drive would be on the highway, about 35 minutes in light traffic, I'd much rather have the skirt on if I needed to exit my car.

Come to think of it, for sentimental reasons the yoga top and leggings are also worth noting. The leggings were a gift from a colleague at the beginning of my first year (five years ago) at the school where I currently teach. She retired at the end of the year, but not before enlivening my life with her personal stories. French by birth, she lived in the U.S. and returned to France every year, which is where these leggings came from. The leggings are all cotton and as comfortable as can be, and she kindly gifted me two leggings, both the same color.

My top is by lululemon. My Mom died in 2010 and had wanted to be cremated. On the day I picked up her ashes I determined to bolster my spirits in some manner. As it turned out, I was driving past a lululemon store and decided to go in and see what all the fuss was about, lululemon at the time being a popular yoga brand. I wound up purchasing this top and a pair of capri gray bottoms. The top turned out to be comfortable, easy to move in, and long-lived (it's going on 7 years and still in good condition). The bottoms I do not wear that often as they are only comfortable at the end of the summer and early fall, when my weight is 5 pounds less than it is by the end of the winter!