Niece's High School Celebration Luncheon

This past Sunday we were guests at a luncheon to celebrate our niece's graduation from high school. This was an informal luncheon in a lovely location – a second story outdoor, covered deck overlooking Plandome Bay on Long Island Sound. The weather was glorious, and across the Sound we could see a small flash of rain, right over the area where we live.

At first I was going to wear a new dress with these wonderful shoes. After seeking my husband's opinion, I thought a different dress might work better, but he had the same reaction. Last change was to switch to pants. Then there was the small matter of which top to wear. The one I wound up with was the third option. And all that mulling over of an outfit paid off handsomely as I received multiple complements on my outfit, including one woman who went deliciously gaga over the whole ensemble. And of course, the shoes remained the same throughout all the clothing switches. Scroll down to see the completed outfit from head to toe.

I rarely receive such effusive complements, let alone quantity of positive comments, so all that mulling over was well worth it because I felt like the proverbial "million bucks" and apparently I looked it, as well! I've long believed that if you feel good about how you look then you will shine and others will feel you look wonderful. 

The handsome gentleman with me is my best friend and love of my life, my husband of 39 years (though if you count how long we've known each other, it's closer to 45 years!)

1 Year Yoga Anniversary!

On June 23rd we celebrated 1 year of yoga at my neighborhood community center. It was an especially heart warming celebration for me because I am the person who teaches/leads our yoga practice. Indeed, just days earlier I celebrated my 1 year anniversary of becoming certified as a yoga teacher.

To commemorate our yoga community, I suggested we have a breakfast celebration following our 8:00 to 9:00 morning practice. Here I am nibbling on a homemade cookie and standing next to our table of communal goodies. And below that you can see all the treats, many of which were homemade. I contributed apple cider and homemade vegan granola bars from the I have been searching for such a bar for months, having followed at least three or four other recipes but never liking the texture of the finished bar. This one was perfect! (And I had the added delight of making them with my grandchildren!!)

2 Day Yoga Workshop

I have taken two days off from school to attend a Restorative Yoga Level 1 Teacher Training in Westport, CT at Kaia Yoga. This will be my third workshop with Jillian Pransky and I am eager and ready for this next level in my training and learning.

Stephanie of Sound Body Yoga is my friend and fellow yogi who encouraged me to pursue my 200-hour teacher certification. Among other modalities, she is trained in restorative yoga, having taken her training with Jillian Pranksy. I am an admirer of Stephanie's approach to teaching and how she leads her classes, so it made perfect sense to pursue my training in restorative with Jillian.

This is what I looked like yesterday morning before leaving for the first day of the workshop. This isn't posted for a fashion statement; just as visual reminder for me in years to come when I glance thru my blog posts. :-) The only fashion note is the skirt, purchased from Athleta online last year as a birthday gift so as to have a cover when needing to wear my yoga clothing out in public beyond just a quick entry or exit from a place of practice. Turns out I did not need to wear the skirt, but given that my drive would be on the highway, about 35 minutes in light traffic, I'd much rather have the skirt on if I needed to exit my car.

Come to think of it, for sentimental reasons the yoga top and leggings are also worth noting. The leggings were a gift from a colleague at the beginning of my first year (five years ago) at the school where I currently teach. She retired at the end of the year, but not before enlivening my life with her personal stories. French by birth, she lived in the U.S. and returned to France every year, which is where these leggings came from. The leggings are all cotton and as comfortable as can be, and she kindly gifted me two leggings, both the same color.

My top is by lululemon. My Mom died in 2010 and had wanted to be cremated. On the day I picked up her ashes I determined to bolster my spirits in some manner. As it turned out, I was driving past a lululemon store and decided to go in and see what all the fuss was about, lululemon at the time being a popular yoga brand. I wound up purchasing this top and a pair of capri gray bottoms. The top turned out to be comfortable, easy to move in, and long-lived (it's going on 7 years and still in good condition). The bottoms I do not wear that often as they are only comfortable at the end of the summer and early fall, when my weight is 5 pounds less than it is by the end of the winter! 

Blue on Deck

These Land's End seersucker shorts may not be the *most* flattering on my belly, but they are fun to style, quite comfortable to wear, and appropriate for work. I wore them not too long ago with a pink-purple top and sweater and below is today's style.

Given what I did at school today (climbing on a stool to stand upon a counter to tack numerous items to a wall that was all cork), I couldn't have dressed more efficiently except, perhaps, for wearing sneakers!

A sure sign that spring has arrived is the green of the grasses upon the marsh and the lushness of the trees. In the earlier photo there is still brown upon the marsh.

Hat Attack!

I have always liked this style of hat. This particular hat was a gift from our daughter-in-law to my husband. It was handmade in Ecuador, where she, our son and granddaughter lived for almost two years. They spread their time between Quito (where her sister lives with her family), Ibarra, and their home in the Chota Valley. (Our son blogged about their experience at living off the grit.) I was also the recipient of a multi-colored wide-brimmed hat, and am laughing now because either my head has expanded or the hat has shrunk, but my husband's hat fits my head more comfortably than my hat.

I also quite liked this outfit, and tried to persuade my husband to take a second picture to highlight what was under the much-loved Gap jean jacket, but as you can see, I did not prevail! To accompany the beige (off-white?) straight-legged pants from H&M was a gray Gap ribbed tank top, over which was a short sleeve, V-neck, yellow and gray striped Gap tee-shirt, and over that was a light weight gray button down Gap sweater, in case extra warmth was needed. 

The green patterned scarf comes from Brugge in Belgium, purchased in 2007 when we traveled to Europe to see our son (who popped over for 8 weeks while he was living in Japan) and meet his then-girlfriend (now our daughter-in-law, they met in Japan, both being on the same language immersion program at the Yamasa Institute) and her family, (her Dad is Belgian and her Mom is Peruvian.) Long distance, cross-continent romances run in this family. :-))

Am wearing currently favored gold colored earrings, and silver and gold bracelet from The Turnover Shop, and lotus flower necklace, a gift from a friend (and the person who encouraged me to be on this journey) in honor of my 200-hr yoga teacher certification last June.

Hooking up with Judith Boyd's Hat Attack on The Style Crone. I am an admirer when it comes to Judith's blog. Her elegance as a writer, dresser, and artist is always inspirational, and reading her posts is soothing while also being creatively stimulating.

Classily mature

I felt classically mature Thursday morning in this outfit! Sweater is by the Gap, pants are Talbots from years (and I mean years!) ago, and art tee is Land's End. Shoes are the amazing character shoes by Capezio. Orange earrings are a gift from my daughter-in-law (which her sister brought from Ecuador, where she lives.) I've always thought it was amazing how a simple sweater (or jean jacket) can pull an outfit together. Simple. Grown-up. Comfortable. And the day ended in sunshine. :-)


Yesterday was Wednesday, what we sometimes call "hump day" for being the middle of the week. This has been a week of overcast and drizzly days, continuing as I write this Thursday morning before school. The temperature has been slowly rising, making it easier to go without socks, for instance.

I wore an international outfit Wednesday - tunic purchased in Belgium from the Spanish shop Desigual, French Souleiado leggings given to me years ago (at last 15) by a British-French friend, silk scarf gifted from my younger son on a trip to Laos, and Belgian-bought and gifted to me blue Hush Puppies. (WHY are the Hush Puppy styles different in Europe from the styles in America?! I much prefer the European heels and styles.)

And I wore a sentimental outfit Wednesday - lace tank top, turquoise necklace and turquoise-silver bracelet were my Mom's, turquoise earrings are gifted from my older son. Only non-international, non-sentimental piece is my Gap polka-dot sweater.

My husband (kind photographer even when I may forget to give him credit :-)) and I continue to giggle over some of my "poses" such as the one of me without a sweater or scarf. I think just plain "standing" is not my cup of tea, and much prefer the pictures of me when I am doing something with my body beyond a simple standing in place. Hence, I prefer the sweater picture. :-)

April Overcast

Wearing my hair pulled back with a kerchief as a headband has always reminded me of I Love Lucy episodes. I sometimes think my inner style maven is 1950s, which would make sense as I was born in 1954 and grew up admiring my mother's outfits of the 50s and 60s.

The day was damp with a chill in the air, and after a weekend of wearing pants and sweatshirt snuggling on Saturday, all I wanted to do was wear a dress. Tomorrow the forecast is for chillier and much damper (think: rain) weather, so it may be pants but either way I get to wear my new polka dot boots (gotta have something to keep the spirits up!)

I have had this patterned Eddie Bauer leaf dress for probably 15 or 20 years. It has held up wonderfully thru machine washing and on-hanger air drying. Being it is sleeveless, I am wearing a J.Jill short sleeve green tee underneath and J.Jill knitted bolero-type sweater on top. Grey leggings by Uniqlo.

Turquoise earrings a gift from my older son about five years ago, blue and green stone bracelet a gift, also about five years ago, from a friend of my younger son's, and lotus flower necklace a gift from a friend in celebration of my 200-hour yoga teacher graduation last June.

Smoothie - Kale & Friends

Last week I had my annual ob-gyn check-up. My most wonderful (I have always had kudos for this doctor) gynecologist recommended the following smoothie, which she has almost daily.

  • Kale
  • frozen or fresh strawberries
  • frozen or fresh blueberries
  • frozen or fresh blackberries (basically, any berries can be added)
  • coconut or almond milk (I currently use almond)
  • almond butter
  • apple (optional)
  • flax seed
  • and I add tumeric

The main point of this smoothie is to blend into one delectable drink calcium-rich kale and those ingredients that help with calcium absorption. Quantities are to suit one's taste for flavor and consistency. I was initially surprised by the lack of yogurt and banana, both staples of the smoothies I indulged in every day for many years, and was delighted to discover they weren't necessary for making a smoothie. (I stopped the yogurt and banana in order to cut back on sugars and dairy as a means of naturally managing hereditary cholesterol levels. And guess what – success!)

March with me, I'll march with you…

March with me, I'll march with you, and so we will march together, as we march along
For we are marching for our basic rights, our basic rights, our basic rights
For we are marching for our basic rights, our basic rights, Hooray!

That's a paraphrase of a song I used to sing in camp, and it explains my participation in two marches (so far) since January 1st of this year. The first march was the Women's March, and I was one of over 400,000 (and some numbers suggest close to 500,000) people who marched in New York City the day after Mr Trump was inaugurated as President. I marched in solidarity for multiple causes to show my support and as a way to cope with my demoralization. My fear then, and still is, that basic human rights, health care, and social policies will be eroded – drastically eroded – under the current administration.

I marched this past Saturday in Philadelphia, along with 125,000 others, in support of Science. Heck, I am a S.T.E.A.M. Integrator (Science Technology Engineering, the Arts, Math), so I marched to practice what I preach, and to express the need for policy makers to incorporate fact-based, peer-reviewed Science into their decision making process.

In both cases, I felt it was simply important to stand up and be counted. A silent majority is a DOA majority; if we do not speak up and out, if we do not become involved and engaged, then we are, in essence, rolling over and saying "kick me", and that isn't my style.

Women's march pictures (I marched with numerous neighbors)

Science march pictures (I marched with my husband and his brother)
This last picture is of a mural on the side of a building just off South Street in Philadelphia. I was struck by the amazing juxtaposition of tile and paint and perhaps other elements. I took the picture rather quickly and did not spend time up close feeling the mural.