It's a Wrap! (November)

There is no doubt that being photographed in my (mostly) work outfits helps me think more about how I put them together. My hope is by starting now I will form a habit that – come January, February and early March – will keep me more balanced (i.e. having fun!) through the winter. I live in the northeast of the US where there is plenty of winter sunshine, but light arrives late and dark comes early, thus making it difficult to get enough sunny outdoor time during the workweek. I was determined to wear my summer dresses through Thanksgiving, and for the most part the weather made this comfortably possible.

Among other photography improvements, I need to learn to stay still and not laugh during picture taking! All pictures taken with my iPhone 4S; home photos by Fred (my husband) and school photos by Jeremy (my office mate).

1 – Have always been a fan of men's wear for women. Only "men's" item is my husband's tie, all of which he stopped wearing 20+ years ago. Gap pants and button down; Land's End sweater; Boots an unknown non-leather brand purchased about 15 years ago for $35 (helps to have a shoe repair shop in the neighborhood!); Earrings by my husband.

2 & 3 – I love summer dresses! This is my office at the school where I teach. Gap dress, tee and blazer; French leggings; Belgian Hush Puppy shoes (Why don't they market their European styles in the US?); Earrings by my husband.

4 – Not so sure I like this dress anymore – it needs a statement necklace and perhaps a belt. Will try those next time and see if my mind is changed. Athleta dress; Gap sweater.

5 – Jeans. Enough said. :-) (More in a future post about jeans and me coming of age around the same time.) Talbot's jeans; Ann Taylor sweater; Necklace prototype by my husband; Giraffe a gift from my Aunt to our grandchildren.

6 – Another summer dress! Gap dress and sweater; Necklace by my husband.

7 – It was chilly so the over sweater became the under sweater.

8 – Not a work outfit but I smiled to wear classic outer wear on the weekend instead of my typical fleece jacket.

9 & 10 – Birthday celebration outfit, with close up of pattern.

11 & 12 – My other pair of jeans. LL Bean jeans; Gap sweater; Tunic cut down from a below-the-knee dress purchased in Olympia, WA; Earrings by my husband.

13, 14, 15 & 16 – Yet another summer dress, pattern mixed with straight leg light-weight jeans. Dress H&M; Gap jeans purchased for $10 approximately 20 years ago; Land's End cardigan; Belgian Hush Puppy shoes (super comfortable, easy for hours on end of walking or standing).

17 – Pants purchased when I filled them out more fully. Not sure I like how they now look. Gap pants; Belgian scarf; J.Jill sweater.

18 – Trying out the wearing of two scarves (idea from whatiwore2day). LL Bean jeans; Talbot's top; Gap scarves; Uniqlo ultra light down jacket (draped on the bed).

19 – Going for comfort the last day before Thanksgiving break! Land's End sweater; LL Bean pajama top (just arrived in the mail - I needed new bottoms but had to buy as a set - comfortable and nice enough to make this my first wearing, plus it was the pop of color this outfit needed!); Super comfortable chevron striped bamboo skirt by Yala, purchased at Shift eco-boutique in Orleans, MA this past August; Earrings from Quito, Ecuador, gift from my daughter-in-law.

20 – Ha, last day before Thanksgiving break I wore one pajama top and first day back (you can just see the top of the red pattern peeking out) the other pajama top! Garnet Hill dress; LL Bean pajama top (underneath); Gap sweater; H&M tights; same boots noted in first outfit; story teller earrings.