March with me, I'll march with you…

March with me, I'll march with you, and so we will march together, as we march along
For we are marching for our basic rights, our basic rights, our basic rights
For we are marching for our basic rights, our basic rights, Hooray!

That's a paraphrase of a song I used to sing in camp, and it explains my participation in two marches (so far) since January 1st of this year. The first march was the Women's March, and I was one of over 400,000 (and some numbers suggest close to 500,000) people who marched in New York City the day after Mr Trump was inaugurated as President. I marched in solidarity for multiple causes to show my support and as a way to cope with my demoralization. My fear then, and still is, that basic human rights, health care, and social policies will be eroded – drastically eroded – under the current administration.

I marched this past Saturday in Philadelphia, along with 125,000 others, in support of Science. Heck, I am a S.T.E.A.M. Integrator (Science Technology Engineering, the Arts, Math), so I marched to practice what I preach, and to express the need for policy makers to incorporate fact-based, peer-reviewed Science into their decision making process.

In both cases, I felt it was simply important to stand up and be counted. A silent majority is a DOA majority; if we do not speak up and out, if we do not become involved and engaged, then we are, in essence, rolling over and saying "kick me", and that isn't my style.

Women's march pictures (I marched with numerous neighbors)

Science march pictures (I marched with my husband and his brother)
This last picture is of a mural on the side of a building just off South Street in Philadelphia. I was struck by the amazing juxtaposition of tile and paint and perhaps other elements. I took the picture rather quickly and did not spend time up close feeling the mural.