Yesterday was Wednesday, what we sometimes call "hump day" for being the middle of the week. This has been a week of overcast and drizzly days, continuing as I write this Thursday morning before school. The temperature has been slowly rising, making it easier to go without socks, for instance.

I wore an international outfit Wednesday - tunic purchased in Belgium from the Spanish shop Desigual, French Souleiado leggings given to me years ago (at last 15) by a British-French friend, silk scarf gifted from my younger son on a trip to Laos, and Belgian-bought and gifted to me blue Hush Puppies. (WHY are the Hush Puppy styles different in Europe from the styles in America?! I much prefer the European heels and styles.)

And I wore a sentimental outfit Wednesday - lace tank top, turquoise necklace and turquoise-silver bracelet were my Mom's, turquoise earrings are gifted from my older son. Only non-international, non-sentimental piece is my Gap polka-dot sweater.

My husband (kind photographer even when I may forget to give him credit :-)) and I continue to giggle over some of my "poses" such as the one of me without a sweater or scarf. I think just plain "standing" is not my cup of tea, and much prefer the pictures of me when I am doing something with my body beyond a simple standing in place. Hence, I prefer the sweater picture. :-)