Niece's High School Celebration Luncheon

This past Sunday we were guests at a luncheon to celebrate our niece's graduation from high school. This was an informal luncheon in a lovely location – a second story outdoor, covered deck overlooking Plandome Bay on Long Island Sound. The weather was glorious, and across the Sound we could see a small flash of rain, right over the area where we live.

At first I was going to wear a new dress with these wonderful shoes. After seeking my husband's opinion, I thought a different dress might work better, but he had the same reaction. Last change was to switch to pants. Then there was the small matter of which top to wear. The one I wound up with was the third option. And all that mulling over of an outfit paid off handsomely as I received multiple complements on my outfit, including one woman who went deliciously gaga over the whole ensemble. And of course, the shoes remained the same throughout all the clothing switches. Scroll down to see the completed outfit from head to toe.

I rarely receive such effusive complements, let alone quantity of positive comments, so all that mulling over was well worth it because I felt like the proverbial "million bucks" and apparently I looked it, as well! I've long believed that if you feel good about how you look then you will shine and others will feel you look wonderful. 

The handsome gentleman with me is my best friend and love of my life, my husband of 39 years (though if you count how long we've known each other, it's closer to 45 years!)