On Deck!

That's where I began my morning, with yoga on the deck. The day began with a glorious sunrise, bird song, and barely a breeze. Definitely a day for shorts! And 90 minutes later, when my husband took this picture on the deck, the moment was slightly overcast and cool; almost felt like rain could pop into the forecast, though it wasn't there the last time I checked.

Nonetheless, shorts it will be! I head in late to school this morning, having my annual ob-gyn checkup at 10:15. Always asking for doctor appointments on Fridays (my day off), I take whatever day and time is offered if a Friday isn't available, as it is important to keep the annual checkups occurring at about the same time each year.

Shorts are Lands End, patterned tee and sweater, as well as the red belt, are from the Gap. And my awesome, much loved, long had red sandals are Danskos. I used to have somewhere along the line of six or seven pair of Danskos, clogs, ankle boots, dress shoes and sandals. One by one, over many, many years, as they wore out or could not be resoled, I stopped replacing them – partially due to the cost, and partially because they had become "heavy" for me to wear going up and down stairs. The clogs and these sandals were, and are, extremely comfortable to wear as they support me well when being on my feet for most of the teaching day. However, I have opted for lighter weight shoes that provide the same benefit. Am glad, though, that these red beauties are still going strong!

My earrings were made and gifted to me by a former colleague about eight years ago.