Saved for those bone chilling cold mornings when the thermometer registers under 20 degrees and I have to head out before 8 in the morning to drive to school, this dress is the perfect "blanket" to stave off the cold. Over the years it has probably been worn between three and four times each winter since being purchased some 20 years ago from JJill, the exceptions being those winters when my weight did not comfortably fit into the sleek not-quite-form-fitting line of the dress.

This morning the temperature was 17° and my Toyota Camry, as did the Toyota Highlander before it, had a dashboard light come on to register its discontent with the cold! In this case, the sensor that lit up dealt with tire pressure, which registers as low when the temperature goes substantially below freezing. I pulled the car into the driveway so my husband could add air to the tires, and just before leaving for school looked up to see the sun rising between the tree limbs. What strikes me is the color of the sun as photographed from inside the car looking through the windshield.