Welcome from me, Laurie

Hello and Welcome to On Out & About! Fred helped me brainstorm the name:

On for those outfits I put on and wind up sharing on this blog.

Out for getting out of any rut and out of my house, especially when I eventually retire from my 30+ years of independent school teaching and create whatever is next.

About for adventures about town starting with now and continuing with the next adventure, whatever it is about!

I am not a fashion blogger, but clothing – especially when it feels just right – creates my daily costume, and influences, however subtly, the persona I carry throughout the day. This particularly holds true for work and special occasions. I am reminded that putting On outfits can make an outing special, one day different from the others, much like a holiday ritual distinguishes that moment from the more routine moments of daily life.

In October, 2015, I attended a Friday evening talk across county. This opportunity arose when a friend (who is also my first yoga teacher) sent me a link to the talk. She and I were hoping to get together, and I suggested dinner and the talk. The location is 20 miles from my home. Not really a far distance, but far enough for me – someone not accustomed to going out on my own in the evening and who is not a fan of driving in the dark, which is what it would be upon return. And I went! And I had a wonderful evening. And I decided the evening would be part of the mantra for my future. Someone who gets Out and About.

On most school weekdays you can find me teaching. To borrow from my professional site:
Since 1982 I have taught kids and adults at independent schools, focusing on demystifying the world of technology and introducing people to the digital playgrounds accessible from their devices, be it via teaching computer classes, facilitating a 1:1 laptop experience, collaborating with colleagues, or planning professional development.

2012 marked my 31st year in teaching and the beginning of a multi-new experience for me – a new school, a new position at that school, and a new focus for me – LS STEAM Integrator and 3rd Grade Environmental Science teacher. (For the really curious you can learn how I got started in teaching here.) I've been thriving at this Bronx, NY, school ever since!

Thanks for stopping by,